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What would you do if one day you were diagnosed with a chronic illness that took over your life and kept you away from the outdoor adventures that you loved so much?

That’s just the question that Fabrice Huré faced when he started hemodialysis after an incidental diagnosis of Alport Syndrome prior to a knee operation in 1996 at the age of 20. After a failed transplant several years later had condemned him back to regular dialysis, Fabrice began to lose hope that he would ever live a normal life again. Over the next five years, the thrice weekly four-hour dialysis sessions took over all of his free time and much of his physical and mental energy. Realizing he needed a change, and with the help of new modalities like long nocturnal dialysis (LND) freeing up a lot of his time, Fabrice began to find ways to return back to the mountain sports he loved. An accomplished mountain athlete and trail runner, Fabrice has competed in several major ultramarathons such as La Trail du Bourbon (112km in 50 hours), as highlighted in the documentary film “The Mountain in His Blood”. In his full-time job, he works in computer design and development for several fitness and wellness startups. He has also become a major advocate for patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and accessibility to modalities such as LND. His slogan has become, “Dialysis at night to relive the day!”

Below, Associate Wilderness Medicine Magazine Editor, Marc Cassone interviews Fabrice on his experiences as a mountain athlete.

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